"Future Success" from Mrs. Kimberly Ehn, Head of School

The discussion in education currently involves 'core curriculum', 'standardized testing', and 'career planning'. Heavy stuff when considering child development and the future education of a little preschooler!

Maria Montessori was the first to believe that all the 'work' of the child prepares him  (or her) for future success. 
"Laborers today need education. They need to understand the complex problems of our times. Otherwise the role that their work plays will be nothing more than a pair of ignorant hands. While the intellectuals will remain crippled as long as their hands remain untrained."  (From Child to Adolescence 1992)

At Duneland Montessori Academy, we provide a classroom environment where students can engage both their minds and their hands. Our individualized curriculum encourages students to stretch to their individual potential,  to appreciate and help others, and to balance academic achievement with social intelligence. Our partnership with parents strengthens the foundation of your child’s development.

Consider Duneland Montessori Academy. We are a good fit.

 Fall 2014-2015 School Year 

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